Civil Ceremony

This is a fairly simple option, and this way you can even have an outdoor wedding that is still legally bonding!

Since 2015 civil marriages can now take place outside registry office - registrar will come out to your chosen venue.


This type of ceremony is quite short, usually takes 15-20 minutes. You will need two witnesses, who have to be min. 18 years old and have valid passports or IDs.

The registrar local to your chosen venue will have to see you once before the wedding. There is no minimum residency required, but you will have to submit a Certificate of Impediment beforehand (up to 6 months prior to the big day). This is a standard procedure for citizens of EU countries. For non-EU citizens from e.g. Canada, USA, Russia, or a middle-eastern country - the procedure is different as a Polish court permission is to be obtained.

Documents required.

1. Birth certificates that clearly state parents' names, mothers' maiden names, and places of your births. 

2. CNI - Certificate of Impediment is required for non-Polish parties. It can be easily obtained from your local registry office. You will have to book an appointment and then after sever weeks after your visit you will receive the document. Please bear in mind that it has an expiry date, it's valid for only 6 months from the issue date. Please make sure it's not issued too early. We advise to make sure, the expiry date falls a couple of days after your wedding. 

3. Previous marriage certificate(s) with confirmed marriage cessation if married before.

Please note all of the above documents will have to be sworn translated in to Polish.

4. Passport(s) and/or ID(s) for Polish citizens.

How much?

The cost of a wedding ceremony outside the registry office is currently 1,000 PLN.

If you decide to get married at the registry office the fee is 84 PLN.

Both options will include three copies of marriage certificate, you may request multilingual copies, so you don't have to get them translated.

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