Church Wedding

The main requirement is that at least one party has to be a Roman Catholic.

To start with you will have to speak to your local priest, who will then issue a document confirming your marriage preparation (1). This document is then sent on to bishop's office (local to your chosen wedding venue).

If you are worried that you or your partner wouldn't understand the priest in Poland - worry not! We will choose a bilingual priest for that occasion.


Documents Required.

Documents required:

  1. Marriage license issued by your local priest. This is usually issued after you attended a Marriage Preparations course.

  2. Baptism certificate for the Catholic partner.

  3. Confirmation certificate, but this is not an absolute requirement.


In case if one of you is not Catholic, then you will need a permission, which is called 'dispensation' and it will be arranged by your local priest.

Please allow sufficient time to obtain the documents, as they will have to be submitted in your chosen church in advance. 

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